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Your Pets

Look at the all pawsitively perfect pet photos my friends have sent me! Here's the place to share a picture of your fabulous furry friend for all the world (and me) to see.

Your Pets
Smokey, submitted by Zac

she is very greedy

Nutty, submitted by Sara Ali

She has white and light brown color. Eats an apple core, carrot ,cucumber, lettuce, nuts and loves sunflower seeds. Loves to move through tunnels and dig her nose, just about everywhere (jumper,cardigan her own cage and in your arm)! She loves to sleep …

Shadow, submitted by Celina

He is a Syrian hamster and is CUTE-CUTE-CUTE! He loves fresh food and normally only comes out in his ball at midnight. He is also super sweet. He hates being felt on his backbone and it takes a while before he gets to know you. This is when you can hol …

Coco, submitted by Katy

Coco is a Syrian hamster he loves youghurt drops and snuggles with me watching hamster cage tours.coco loves Humphrey and likes to read his books with me although he can be a fidget bum and poo everywhere yuck! But apart from the pooing he’s a lovely h …

Jack, submitted by Emma

I got him the day after christmas he loves your books ! Ive only had him for 2 years he’s my only pet he’s gentle ,cuddly and very funny he never ever hurt anyone he’s 2 .5 his birthday is the 10 Th of august its coming soon wish him a happy birthday!! …

Binky, submitted by Izzy Buckton

He is a brown Burmese and only wants cuddles all day long! he purrs really loudly and is soo cute. He never bites or scratches anyone unless he is playing and it is an accident!

POPPY Vaughan, submitted by Sophie Vaughan

Poppy my puppy is so cute she loves cuddles and people she dislikes my bird PAUL and my brother JAMES . When ever she sees someone walking up the road she BARKS I LOVE POPPY.

Jimmy diddles, submitted by ocea-lily

He is a winter white russian dwarf hamster he is really cute and extremely soft and fluffy he loves his wheel and won’t stop going in it and he doesn’t like to use a hamster toilet from the shop instead he just wee’s on a tissue in the same place.

Elgar, submitted by Jaymyn

He always try’s to escape from his cage!

Donut, submitted by Jaymyn Yee

My hamster loves walnuts!! She hates water!!

Iggy, submitted by Alice

Iggy is a cute little pug. He is 8 years old. He dislikes rain.He loves treats and people.

Theo, submitted by Jacob

He likes any kind of food but dosn’t like strangers because he barks at them.

Trigger, submitted by Katie Hall

Trigger really likes crisps, sleeping and chasing string, he does not like Jethro the big ginger cat who lives upstairs.

Twiglet, submitted by Simon

This is my labradoodle puppy Twiglet, she is very cute

sweetie, submitted by rebecca romero

shes adorable , i put her in a post box to look cuter, anywayz she loves to snuggle in my bed and shes scared of birds and fluff balls she walks around infront of the mirror and tries to impress herself , i think

Leo, submitted by Abbie

So cute and fluffy

rosie, submitted by ellie

rosie is a very greedy she loves to run in her cage

lulu, submitted by demi

she is tiny and loves cuddles xxx

lady daisy fleabag, submitted by ben

lady daisy fleabag is 5 years old and lost most of her teeth before she got adopted from a bin. she moved from qatar to malaysia and has lived in malasia until the present day and is not leaving soon.

hamish, submitted by sinead

i am hamish and i am a domestic short hair i like to play with my freinds but i dont like being alone i LOVE-LOVE-LOVE hugs please vote for me !!!

bono, submitted by sinead

my pet is a cockateil and is a boy at 3 years old he is a very noisy bird but i still love him

olive, submitted by Thea

my pet is friendly.

Hershey, submitted by Hannah

This is Hershey my favorite hampster and I had 19 hampsters my hole life but he is so nice and I hope Hal like him to…..

Summer, submitted by Hannah

She is a Syrian hampster….she is so cute and nice and Iover her !!!

Poppy, submitted by Elena

This is a picture of my pet poppy feeling a bit fragile

Henry-James, submitted by Beth

He is a cat

Peanuts, submitted by Gala

Peanuts is a very nervous girl she loves going to school with me because the children pay lots and lots and lots of attention! To her.She is very very very loving most of the time and many people love her but i love her most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queenie, submitted by mikolaj

She Loves Playing With Children and She Does Not Bight And When You Wash Here She Looks Like A Mouse 😀 Queenie Is The Big Dog

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