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Your Pets

Look at the all pawsitively perfect pet photos my friends have sent me! Here's the place to share a picture of your fabulous furry friend for all the world (and me) to see.

Your Pets
nibbles, submitted by gaia

nibbles is a daddy hamster who has 9 babies . nibbles loves his hamster ball and he loves his treats . and is very soft and small and loves humhreys books

patch, submitted by aimee

he is soft and lovely

Mittens, submitted by Sophie

she is very cute and she loves ham!

Tilley, submitted by Cerys

I just got a new cat her name is Tilley and she is the cutest cat worldwide.she has a gentle nature and is beautifully black and white.she likes her Frankenstein toy and pom poms she also loves getting kisses and cuddles.

Carrot, submitted by Kirsty

Carrot is a fun loving tame hamster who is a twin with my other winter white Russian dwarf, Cucumber. Carrot and Cucumber both love love love Humphrey books!

Fred, submitted by Stephanie

Fred is a big giant fish, I won him in the fun fair.He loves jumping out of the water in his tank but he is a gold fish and the best fish there is!

Scarlet, submitted by Cerys

This is my pet gold fish Scarlet we named Scarlet because she is red. She is very fascinating to watch I love her very much.she loves her good fish flacks.

Oscar, submitted by Noah

Oscar is my best friend. We have lots of cuddles. He loves swimming in the sea. He likes to lick me.

Cutie Boy, submitted by Wenis

My pets died D:, I had two hamsters then.

Fat Uncle, submitted by Wenis

I liked him most, upon Cutie Boy and Fat Uncle.Fat Uncle was tame well Cutie Boy is not.

Scruffy, submitted by Katie

This is scruffy he is eleven months old he escaped once but luckily we found him in a cupboard

Walnut, submitted by RIA

This is walnut . He is a Syrian hamster. He is one year old. He is verry cheeky and likes to eat nuts. He is verry friendly too

Orsino, submitted by Lily and Toby Ford

I am 11 and have a little brother hamster called Smokey. I am very talkative and very good natured.

Tilly&Mickey, submitted by Lara

mickey and tilly love to cuddle on the sofa

Abigale, submitted by Kaitlynn

Abigale is a black lab that loves people, sleeps a lot and is a lot of fun. She has a family that loves her very much.

Honey, submitted by Kyle

Honey is a Beagle that loves people and is a lot of fun.she loves to play and sometimes she howls like crazy. please vote for my pooch! 🙂

Cookie, submitted by Abbie

Cookie is full of fun I am so happy I picked him I Love him to bits he is so cute!he does not bite or scratch !he is so fluffy and funny

Gary, submitted by eve

he is very lazy but a love him! he looks a bit like you humphrey

milo, submitted by lina

he likes tamatos and snuggling on my bed

Daisy lamb may pringle & buddy Pringle, submitted by Tamzin

She is very nutty and loves to play with her mouse and Buddy the black Labrador loves her.

Jacko, submitted by Bethany

Jacko is a very bouncy funny cat he is 3 years of age and LOVES cuddles he is a outdoor cat and is very a happy cat although he is VERRY CLUMSY.

porkchop, submitted by audrey

We adopted him from the Humane Society.

Bolt, submitted by Jessica

Loves your books

Cookie, submitted by Lucy Bannister

Cookie loves dandilion leaves and carrot. He likes playing follow my leader with his brother Cracker.Cracker follows him everywere.

marigold and dominoes, submitted by Anya

Domioes loves being stroked every day! Marigold is very fussy and eats a lot of food and is very fat. Sometimes they play fight, and they love dancing so they get extra grass! They are very friendly but greedy.

buddy, submitted by adele

yorkie cross lapa apso 8 weeks old (crazy)

lily, submitted by hannah

she crawls sideways like a crab.she is adventurous. she is friendly and fluffy. she is cute and funny

klara, submitted by lucy

cute, adorable and sweet

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